Show 2500

Tim4So after 15 years of being a solo touring musician I have finally arrived at the amazing total of 2500 shows. I have toured through out the world visiting 41 different countries and playing music in them. I’ve also put out 17 or so albums and numerous other releases splits, EPs and singles.

To Mark this Ian at the wonderful Aaahh!!! Real records who has been releasing my records since 2014 is putting on a special show at the Stroyefields Centre in Cambridge. Due to the current situation we can not have guest so it will be broadcast to world via…


The Live stream starts at 3pm UK time with the amazing Naomi Randall then I am on at 4.20pm uk time.

I want to thank everybody who has helped me get to this point its been an amazing adventure and when things get back to normal I really hope we can get back to some more adventures.

Expect some old, some new and some classics from my back catalogue as I’m going to aim to play at least one song from each released album so far and maybe a couple from upcoming albums too.

Be excellent to each other and tune in Sunday 13th September at 3pm UK time to help me celebrate this land mark in my music career.