Where? [EU Edition]

, 2019, Aaahh!!! Real Records, KRUMM114

Where? [EU]
  1. Broken Bones – Live in Sheffield
  2. Willow Tree – Live in Goor
  3. Immigrant – Live in Goor
  4. Numbers Game – Live in York
  5. By the Sea (I Was Born and Raised) – Live in Offenbach
  6. Creeping Death – Live in Sheffield
  7. Judy – Live in Sheffield
  8. Gypsy’s Curse – Live in Goor
  9. Good Morning, Mr. Vampire! – Live in Goor
  10. One Day at a Time – Live in York
  11. Old Brand No. 7 – Live in Goor
  12. Times Gone By – Live in York
  13. On the Roads – Live in Offenbach
  14. Even – Live in Offenbach
  15. Gainesville City Limits – Live in York

A fifteen track compilation of live tracks, culled from various gigs all over Europe.

This is the EU edition, released by Aaahh!!! Real Records. TPOS will be releasing an American version with a different track listing later in 2019.

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