Split with Malcolm Tent

, 2018, TPOS / Aaahh!!! Real Records, TPOS200.5 / KRUMM098

Split with Malcolm Tent
    Tim Holehouse

  1. Woman Got Evil
  2. Gainesville City Limits
  3. Good Morning, Mr. Vampire!
  4. Prince of the Palace
  5. Freud
  6. Penetration in the Centrefold
    Malcolm Tent

  1. Idiots’ Club
  2. War on Morons
  3. Drum Solo
  4. Love These Days
  5. Hail Satan!
  6. Malcolm Tent Has Feelings, Too

Tracks from Bridge City Session and a Devo cover on this split with American anti-folk legend Malcom Tent to mark their UK tour together.

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