, 2020, Aaahh!!! Real Records, KRUMM135

  1. Lost feat. AJ Simmonds & Sarah Tyrrell
  2. Fade feat. Joe Richards & Ellie Shepherd
  3. Trapped feat. Frank Fiott & Abigail Ziering
  4. Insomnia feat. Leevil
  5. Heart feat. Lukrezia Krämer & The Anté Dote
  6. Voices feat. Abigail Ziering
  7. Rust feat. Bradley Palermo
  8. Twitch feat. Babar Luck
  9. Artistic feat. Lucy Morrow & L. Don Ōkami
  10. Tourettes feat. Babar Luck
  11. Control feat. Malcolm Tent
  12. Inside feat. Abigail Ziering
  13. Polar feat. The Up-Town Portrayer, Carol Edwards & Ian Pearce

A complete departure in sound, moving completely away from guitar-based blues and into electronic lead trip-hop/downtempo.

All proceeds from this album will be donated to IMHP Medway and Braid-Aid.

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