Live For Rebellion Festival 2020

, 2020, Patreon Exclusive

Live For Rebellion 2020
  1. Old Brand No. 7
  2. Waifs and Strays
  3. Broken Bones
  4. Good Morning, Mr. Vampire!
  5. 24 Hours (Come)
  6. Gainesville City Limits
  7. Times Gone By
  8. Makes No Sense at All
  9. Summer in Abandonment
  10. Friends

With every 2020 festival being cancelled, Rebellion held an online mini festival, Rebellion 2020: The One That Wasn’t. Artists who were due to play were invited to┬árecord a live set to be streamed by the Festival’s Facebook page. This is the recording of Tim’s set, recorded in the garden of Old Lady Manors, given as an exclusive download to Patrons.