Last February Tour (4 Way Split)

, 2022, Aaaahh!!! Real Records, KRUMM157

Last February Tour

  1. Gifted Kids
  2. Get Going
    Lee Resistant

  1. Broken Hands
  2. Ballerina
    Scott Murray

  1. Dumpster Fire
  2. Underground
    Tim Holehouse

  1. Bears in Winter Jackets
  2. Melly
  3. Deliverance

The undisputed Lord of Aaahh!!! Real Records releases and touring, Tim Holehouse embarked on a tour of Canada in early 2022; alongside Scott Murray, Sourface, and ex-Londoner Lee Resistant (formerly of Fletcher).

These tracks were recorded live in Ontario by Lee (except for Deliverance, recorded by Core Bee) and are collected here as a time capsule, a celebration of comradery and, well, a chance to make some money on the road!

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