…To the Howls at Midnight

, 2007, Dead Pilot Records, DEAD011

To the Howls at Midnight
  1. Howls at Midnight
  2. Their Tracks Span This Land
  3. Angels Rise (Part 1)
  4. Angels Rise (Part 2)
  5. Ghost Town Blues
  6. Apparition
  7. Lantern Cage

A sister album for From the Dawn Chorus by Tim Holehouse, this is the first album as Timothy C Holehouse (which would later be shortened to TCH).

This album was recorded over New Year’s Eve in Dorset in a 14 hour recording session between 31st December 2006-January 1st 2007. Released on Dead Pilot Records in 2007.

To the Howls at Midnight is a minimal piece of work with the odd click and pop of a drum machine or sampled loop or field recording along with treated guitar sounds.