So my album lost comes out 13th November. For it I’m doing instead of standard album launch a stream where people chat about mental health issues. For me personally it’s an issue I feel strongly about having been diagnosed as Bi polar a few years back. The support of friends and family through this has been amazing! But also music has really helped me out and I see in a small way as a part for me to give back.


This may not be for everybody and I understand some people may not want to talk about this subject or tune in. That is perfectly fine we all deal with things in our own way. Thank you though to all who have been very brave and come and talk to me. On the night of the stream I will happily try and reply to any comments and DM’s about issues raise.

I would love for people to share the event, buy the album all of which money goes to help @imhp and @brainaidfest

The first video for the album is here


But more importantly than any of my music and album release is that everybody looks after their mental health. If you are struggling with any issues remember you are never alone and never be afraid to seek help it is not a sign of weakness. If we all look after each other this world will be a better place.

Be excellent to each other!!!