What a busy month I have coming up!  Lots of  shows the next being the amazing Till the wheels fest which is such an amazing line up so very honoured to be playing. 

I’ve also got a tour with the wonderful Harrison Rimmer caught before he’s massively famous!  Thanks to Laurence Crow for the fantastic tour poster too! 

Also my split tape with Brightr is out on Aaahh!!! Real Records 15th October 

New Music video 

New Music video here!!!

Upcoming shows 

9th [email protected] Till the wheels Fest, London 

10th [email protected] Sunday Express, Centrala, Birmingham 

16th [email protected] Water into Beer, London (Brightr split tape launch)

17th [email protected] Honey bee blues club, Dorthy pax, Sheffield 

18th [email protected] The Vault at Pau, Preston 

19th [email protected] The Service Station, Kingston-upon-Hull =

20th [email protected] Dirty Blondes, Blackpool 

21st October @ Artisan Coffee design, Skegness =

22nd @ Grafton Arms, Manchester =

23rd [email protected] One for the road Fest, York 

 = With Harrison Rimmer

TIMHOLEHOUSE_MERCH__FINAL_WHITE💀New T Shirts on their way!  

👽 Be excellent  Alien shirts back in stock too! 

🎨 designed by Laurence crow  

🌳printed on Ethical and environmentally fiend shirts… both Glow in the dark. Printed by Deco.ink ltd. 

 pre-order here…  

👉 https://timholehouse.com/merch/

🔥 1 hot sauce left & ☕️ 1 Mug 

❓Thinking doing pre order on hoodies is this something people would be into? 

Hot Sauce


Hot sauce is back in stock this time made by the amazing Jon from Fire in the hole hot sauce!

As Jon says “Hottest Sauce he’s made yet” has very hot Carolina Reapers in it as well as a delicious garlic flavouring for all you brave Vampires out there. Available exclusively here on my website and at shows (of which all my current shows up to July are now up still taking bookings and offers though)

Limited to 20 Bottles so I suggest you get in there quick as previous hot sauces have gone very fast.



✨New album ✨


Out 7th May

My new album came about in the most unusual way. Over the years I’ve released many albums, splits etc. 

Album of Rarities and lost tracks

Album of Rarities and lost tracks

I write all the time, and a lot of stuff hey gets thrown away. But some stuff gets recorded but doesn’t make its way onto albums. Sometimes they make it onto compilation albums, sometimes intended for releases that for whatever reason don’t happen. Over the years my Parents have stashed away all my CD’s and hard drives etc in a box without me knowing. Last year my Dad put that treasure trove in my car. Ian at Aaahh!!! Real records then helped me go through it to create what we have now an album of 16 rare or unreleased songs. We have burnt 25 copies onto vinyl style Cd’s and Ian has die cut some lovely sleeves and printed a booklet with the story of each song all compiled together to bring you this album. It includes the a lost 7”, compilation tracks and stuff that had been lost in the mists of time. I must also been a trip down memory lane revisiting all these songs.  

Available. on 25 limited edition Vinyl style CD’s and digital platforms 

Available for pre order from…

Aaahh!!! Real Records

And available from Friday 7th May here



End of year review 

So been not the year I imagined it would and we have all had a tough one so won’t dwell on that. I started the year expecting to be promoting my latest album “Come” but after touring in the UK (with L.Don Okami), Italy, Canada (with Dave Rocket, Joey Burke and Chris Walton) and USA I had to come home just before the end of the US and Canada last dates and cancel the whole of the European tour with my friend Greg Rekus. I did get to do a few shows in the summer with my buddy AJ Simmonds (whose’s EP I record and mixed) and a few bits and pieces (including my 2500 solo show!!!) In total I managed 54 shows which was not bad going considering, but for me pretty low. However Lockdown introduced me to the Livestream! It took some getting used to at first I will say and I am not the most tech person so took a while to understand it all. But I managed 33 Livestreams in the end with my last one coming on Patreon on New Years Eve. 


Patreon was another new thing to me. A subscription platform where people can support my music and get exclusive content. I made an EP of Original songs, a 25 track covers album, a Christmas album… as well as rarities and interesting material (such as behind the scenes studio including tips on how to home studio and a David Bowie’s Bromley video Tour) as well as tour diaries and my full end of year review.

So I can’t thank my 31 Patreons enough and hope to gain more in 2021! 

Having time at home also meant time to work on stuff that had been put on the back burner a bit due to heavy touring schedules. I finished drafting my book quiet (and now it’s in the editing stage after 5 re drafts and maybe 6 years in the works) I also finished off my album lost (which I had started in 2016) a trip hop album, which was a new Avenue of music I had not explored before. 

👉 https://www.real-records.co.uk/product/tim-holehouse-lost/

All proceeds go to IMHP (UK) and Brain Aid (USA) mental health Charities. 

I also not only learnt how how to make videos (partly due to breaking my YouTube channel) made a video for Numbers Game from Come and Twitch (with my friend Babar Luck) and Lost from Lost. 

👉 https://www.youtube.com/c/timholehouse

On top of all that I have demoed 9 new albums (possibly my last ???)Thanks so much to my Patreons, all who bought records and merch etc… and for everybody who has continued to support me through these hard times. You are all most Excellent. Hopefully see you all in person in 2021!!! 

So my album lost comes out 13th November. For it I’m doing instead of standard album launch a stream where people chat about mental health issues. For me personally it’s an issue I feel strongly about having been diagnosed as Bi polar a few years back. The support of friends and family through this has been amazing! But also music has really helped me out and I see in a small way as a part for me to give back.


This may not be for everybody and I understand some people may not want to talk about this subject or tune in. That is perfectly fine we all deal with things in our own way. Thank you though to all who have been very brave and come and talk to me. On the night of the stream I will happily try and reply to any comments and DM’s about issues raise.

I would love for people to share the event, buy the album all of which money goes to help @imhp and @brainaidfest

The first video for the album is here


But more importantly than any of my music and album release is that everybody looks after their mental health. If you are struggling with any issues remember you are never alone and never be afraid to seek help it is not a sign of weakness. If we all look after each other this world will be a better place.

Be excellent to each other!!!


Tim4So after 15 years of being a solo touring musician I have finally arrived at the amazing total of 2500 shows. I have toured through out the world visiting 41 different countries and playing music in them. I’ve also put out 17 or so albums and numerous other releases splits, EPs and singles.

To Mark this Ian at the wonderful Aaahh!!! Real records who has been releasing my records since 2014 is putting on a special show at the Stroyefields Centre in Cambridge. Due to the current situation we can not have guest so it will be broadcast to world via…




The Live stream starts at 3pm UK time with the amazing Naomi Randall then I am on at 4.20pm uk time.

I want to thank everybody who has helped me get to this point its been an amazing adventure and when things get back to normal I really hope we can get back to some more adventures.

Expect some old, some new and some classics from my back catalogue as I’m going to aim to play at least one song from each released album so far and maybe a couple from upcoming albums too.

Be excellent to each other and tune in Sunday 13th September at 3pm UK time to help me celebrate this land mark in my music career.





image3I am now on Patreon! You can subscribe now to receive exclusive Audio, Videos, spoken and written word material at… Patreon.com/timholehouse Welcome to the inner workings of my mind! Here on Patreon I will sharing the inner workings of what makes my music and creative process tick. Here you will not only get exclusive music and videos as well as written content, you will get to look at the process of the creation of my music as well as information about what i’m up to. Basically you get to see under the hood of how this machine works!!!

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