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Tim Holehouse (Portsmouth , UK)

I have toured the globe constantly for the last 15 years doing between 250-300 a year and I’ve toured almost every country in Europe, Iceland, Japan, Australia, USA and Canada (to name a few). I’ve  also put out 17 albums, many splits and EPs.

My inspiration coming from a variety of sources from Punk, Hardcore, Blues, Jazz, Country, Experimental music, Heavy Metal and even Electronic music (good music is good music right?). I’m not very keen to be boxed in as a song writer or certain style. Each album has a different take on myself and the music is very much written from the heart about subjects I either am interested in or personal experiences.

My philosophy in life is taken from one of my favourite films, Bill and Ted’s excellent adventure and that is…

“Be Excellent to each other!”


From the Deep south (of England… Portsmouth to be precise) born of a sea faring man and wife came Tim Holehouse.

Musically the voyage has been a mixed one playing in everything from the indie rock leanings of Novastar, to the progressive Shima, to fronting Hardcore band Soon the Darkness and sludge monsters Among the Missing. Various other projects musically such as the world’s slowest black metal band Naked Shit and off kilter band The Perfect Human Example.

Tim started his solo adventure back in 2005 (although had played a few shows before under pseudonyms). Initially it was meant to be a project away from various heavy bands. The songs written over 7 years, by just knocking round writing songs for fun. These where slow and sober pieces that would eventually go to make up the first album “Found dead on the shoreline” released both in the US and UK. After both Millipede Records and Seth from Funeral Diner had been witness to one of Tim’s rare early solo performances and pushed him to record an album. The Album sold well and considering its meagre budget of £30 (to record the drums in a practise space) to make on his 4 track. After this came a bout of touring and further split records with the likes of Iceland’s My Summer as a Salvation Soldier.

The more it rolled on the less and less time Tim had for his bands and after a while he quit playing in bands to concentrate on what was fast becoming a solo career he had never planned on. The next heset about following up “Found dead…” with the album “From the dawn chorus…” as well as the first album as his alter ego (after he realised the music he was making was heading in two different directions) Timothy C Holehouse called “…to the howls at midnight”. Dawn Chorus was a more fully realised album recorded at various studios including John Hannon’s at No Recording Studio, dropout studios and Chuckalumba studios). It took a year to create both albums with Dawn Chorus involving 20 different musicians including a string quartet. Once complete Tim hit the road again and it was during this bout of touring disaster struck. During a radio session in Norwich his voice cracked with something snapping in his throat. As he was on tour with Oldseed, a good Canadian friend of his, he decided to drive to the next show in Plymouth. Realising he might not be able to sing, Tim went to sound check barely able to speak. In his Metal and Hardcore bands he pushed from his diaphragm to roar and scream out his vocals to get over the loud guitars. So he let out a huge guttural voice that he never realised he was capable of in a more melodic way! After the show he was stunned how people listened intently after hearing this gravelly roar. Realising a lot of the material he played before could not be done in this style he set about working with his voice and song writing to. The obvious choice was to adapt a style he had started to use on the Dawn Chorus of using slide guitar techniques. Also now missing playing loud and no longer wanted to be playing slow quiet songs but more immediate blues based material. This saw the writing and recording of “grit”, put together over 3 weekends at NRS by John Hannon. Using musician from his time in Metal and Hardcore bands giving the album a more rock feel to it. It featured the track Broken Bones which caught the ears of Swiss award winning film maker Fabian Lucshian. He loved the song so much he made a deal with Tim to make the video for free as long as Tim made his next sound track for nothing. They agreed and Fabian made a great video to accompany the song.

Several albums followed not only prolific in releases (as well as amount if touring) and a relationship with Cambridges Aaahh!!!Real records followed with many releases. With them never seeming to say no to Tim’s crazy ideas and even adding other crazy ideas themselves this has led to a lot of releases on all sorts of formats.

Tim has toured the world and is always on tour choosing to live on the road these days going from place to place playing shows and scratching a living, entertaining people all over the world. He has toured all over the UK, mainland Europe (including places like Poland, Iceland, the Baltic states and Nordic Countries). As well as touring America and Canada (many times) , Asia (Hong Kong, Japan) and even down to Australia. Sometimes doing as many as 300 shows a year!

He plans to stay on the road for a long time, moving on place to place writing new music, entertaining people and drinking bourbon.

Further shows, records and good times will be had!

Punk rock

“I never heard A sad song I didn’t like” – Spencer Moody (Murder city devils)