Hitting the road for another set of dates with my good friend Tim Loud!


With Tim Loud
28th February@ Garage Venue, Swansea
1st March@ Le pub, newport
3rd March@ Cafe camelot, Nijmegen
4th March@ Baachus Cafe, Geel, belgium
5th March@ Waggon, offenbach
6th March@ Palne,Winnenden
7th March@ Mundwerks, Thun
8th March@ El Haso Freiburg
9th March@ Balcony TV
9th March @ Die backerie, Innsbrucke
10th March@ Zatopek, Neukölln
11th March@ A, Berlin
12th March@ Plansjee, Antwerp
13th March@ JC solutions, Hillegom
14th March@ Fliuop, Stienhude
15th March@ Cafe Amelie, Giesen
16th March@ Joe’s Garage, Amsterdam
17th [email protected] diem, hassalet

Yes not one new album by Tim Holehouse but 3 full albums of new material! Its been released again on Aaahh!!!Real Records again.


The album is available in boxset format purchasable from here or reseverved from me via e-mail or facebook




Or the indivdual albums can be purchased from me at a show or via Aaahh!!!Real records bandcamp page on CD or digital download here




Antidote is my weirder songs more leftfield than usual.

Bar is with friends of mine Alien whale and Kevin Gardener a more band type album (kinda like Grit but more garage blues)

Down is me on my own (like fighter but more electric guitars and noises)

All albums where mastered again by mr James Plotkin

Thanks once again to Ian Perry and everybody involved with making these three albums…



Ok off to Switzerland and then Austria for a two week tour in a few hours…

List of where I’m going is on the gig page.

Also hope to have news of the Three new albums very soon!