Angels Will Guide the Way to Our Harbour Remixes

, 2014, Deer Trail Records

Angels Guide the Way to Our Harbor Remixes
  1. Wraith – The Hare and the Moon Remix (Ashtoreth & TCH)
  2. Wraith – Dayin Remix (Ashtoreth & TCH)
  3. Remix I – Echoes Throughout the Caverns of Leytonstone Remix (Ashtoreth & TCH)
  4. Remix II – TraumaSutra Remix (Ashtoreth & TCH)
  5. Remix II – Michele Morgante Remix (Ashtoreth & TCH)
  6. Huge Dark Waves Swallowing Our Tremulous Lights – Teleferick Remix (Ashtoreth & TCH)
  7. Demons Drag You Down to the Depths – raxil4 Remix (Ashtoreth & TCH)

This album features remixes of the collaborative Angels Will Guide the Way to Our Harbour release by Ashtoroth and TCH.

The initiative for this remix album came from musician (under the name Teleferick) and radio maker for Villa Bota’s Klankschap radio show, Christophe Ywaska, who made a first remix after he recorded us for his radio show together with Filip Leupe of the Splinter program.

From there they started asking befriended musicians to make their version of the originally 35 minute long collaborative track.